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A930 is an 300Mbps high performance ceiling mount wireless access point, 2.4GHz, Qualcomm Chipset, and PoE support; With multiple operation mode like Wireless AP, Gateway, Work with AC Controller for centralized configuration and management, access into cloud server for advertisement and...
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AC1000 is a high performance wireless controller with full Gigabit ports,it can manage,monitor and control 50PCS ceiling AP,wall mounted AP produced by Yunlink in the same networking diagram simultaneous. It makes the small area wifi solution in hotel, school, industrial, super market,...
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AC1600 is a middle and small scale enterprise use authentication gateway, with Gigabit WAN ports up to 4, improved the Ethernet speed and increased the concurrent end users to 150; It can access into cloud server for remote management and multiple captive portal authentication such as SMS,...
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AC3000 is a full Gigabit interface, high-performance wireless management platform, can manage the cloud of Friends of the production of the ceiling AP, into the wall AP, can be unified configuration and management of the same network up to 200 (bypass) AP, the hotel , Enterprises, schools,...