Braun Group

Dezizolator pentru UTP/STP Braun Group - TL-318M

COD: TL-318M

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Dezizolator pentru  UTP/STP, cap standard 110/88

Surubelnita pentru mufe F Anti-furt Braun Group ZG019

COD: ZG019

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Surubelnita pentru Mufe F ANTIFURT terminale de 75 ohm WL75LT

Cleste dezizolat 501 Braun Group - TO-3001

COD: TO-3001

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Cleste dezizolat 501

Unealta sertizat tip Krone Braun Group - TO-1003

COD: TO-1003

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Unealta sertizat tip Krone

Dezizolator pentru UTP/STP Braun Group - TL-S501B


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Dezizolator pentru UTP/STP, multiconductor, de la 3,2mm la 9mm

Cleste sertizat RJ45 Braun Group - TL-210N

COD: TL-210N

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Cleste sertizat  RJ45, 200mm, dezizolator cablu rotund

Cleste de sertizat cu 2 capete RJ12&RJ45 Braun Group - TO-2004

COD: TO-2004

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Cleste de sertizat cu 2 capete RJ12 & RJ45

Cleste sertizare RJ45 Braun Group - HT-L2180

COD: HT-L2180

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Cleste sertizare RJ45 [solid &strand] metalic -safety guide & lock (&cut)

Unealta A de sertizat RJ45 Braun Group - TO-200A

COD: TO-200A

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  This grip tool is designed to terminate RJ45 plugs, easy to hold, also can cut and strip cables.

Design for cuting, striping and crimping round or flat cables. The parallel action design maintain accurate alignment of the die with the plug for a precision crimp every time.

Cleste dezizolat/sertizat Braun Group TL-203 - terminal pentru AWG 0,8-2,6

COD: TL-203

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TL-203 8"(203mm) - Terminal stripper & crimping tool for AWG 0,8-2,6  Striping wire size AWG Stranded 12 14... Mai mult 

Cleste sertizat RJ45 Braun Group - TL-318

COD: TL-318

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Cleste sertizat RJ45, RJ12, RJ11 & 6P2C 190mm

Cleste dezizolat/sertizat Braun Group TL-312B

COD: TL-312B

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Cleste dezizolat pentru RG-58/59/62/3C/4C, distanta de dezizolare 8mm & 4mm

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